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Things That are Required to Know

1- Driver’s License and Age Limitations for the Relevant Person for Rentals
A driver’s license of minimum 1 year and persons 22 years old and above ;
• Group B, C, D, S group vehicles ,
A driver’s license of minimum 2 years and persons 24 years old and above ;
• Group F, G, T, I, R, J vehicles ,
 A driver’s license of minimum 4 years and persons 26 years old and above ;
* Group L, M, N, O vehicles ,
A driver’s license of minimum 6 year and persons 27 years old and above ;
• Group K, V, W, X, P vehicles ,
A driver’s license of minimum 8 year and persons 29 years old and above ;
• entitled to rent group Z vehicles.

2- Rental Terms and Time Difference Applications
The minimum rental term is 24 hours (1 Day).  The commencement of the rental term is the moment of picking up and deemed as Day 1. In case it is requested to rent with a different number of days (for instance; 7 days) and the vehicle is requested to be returned earlier than that (for instance 2 days), the rate shall be calculated over 2 days. Besides, if the vehicle is picked up at 09:00, then the rental term is 24 hours corresponding to 1 (one) day. If the drop off is the next day at 11:00, then the rate for the 2. (second) day shall be invoiced to the person/enterprise renting the vehicle.

Optional Financial Liability Insurance, Mini Damage Insurance, Unlimited Mileage are included within the rate, VAT is excluded.
Fuel, Personal Accident Insurance, Single-Way Fee, Baby Seat Fee, Navigation Device, Additional Driver Fee, Blue tooth Car Kit Fee, Bridge and Highway Toll Device-Card Use Fee shall be calculated separately. The delivery of the vehicle to the customer shall be done with full tank or empty tank. In the event that the vehicles are dropped off with missing fuel or empty tank, the fee for the fuel shall be charged with the service fee. Fuel surplus and fuel added shall be processed upon the request for return. You may have further information at our offices.

If return of the car is indicated to a location other than the location where your rental commences (in case of a distance of more than 30 km), you may have to pay a one-way fee and this is called as the drop fee.

In case of a second driver upon request, apart from the person renting the car, the second driver is required to present his/her driver’s license. The second driver can be stated on the Rental contract. Otherwise, the entire assurances provided shall be null and void in case of any accident and/or determination that another person except the lessee was driving the car and both the lessee and the second driver(s) shall be held jointly and severally liable and responsible accordingly.

The vehicles can be picked up and dropped off at Zeplin Car Rental offices. Vehicles can be picked up from the airports by presenting the flight details. Please contact us for locations where our offices are not available.

Rental process shall be performed on the basis of 24 hours.  Delays of more than 2 hours shall deem to be a full-day and charged accordingly.

Payments can be done in cash, through wire transfer, eft or credit card. Regardless of the method of payment during the rental process, it is required for the lessee to hold a credit card and the credit card is required to have available balance with the amounts presented below.

Block Amounts
• 500 TL for B-C-D-S Group (vehicles such as Corsa, Polo, İ20, Renault, etc.)
• 705 TL for E-F-G-T Group (such as Astra, Fluence, Golf, etc.)  
• 1,000 TL for R-J-L-M Group (such as Jetta,Octavıa, Corolla, Passat, B180,etc.)
• 1,500 TL for N-O-P-K-W-X-Z Group (C180 – CLA- S60- Vito, etc.) 

* Our officials may increase the amounts to be blocked if required.

All sorts of liabilities and pecuniary penalties to be occurred in case of failure of abiding and complying with the traffic rules shall be covered by the lessee. The time to be elapsed due to the retention of the vehicle by the public or local authorities for any reason whatsoever shall be deemed within the term of the contract.

In case of any accident or the theft of the vehicles, it is obligatory to have the accident report drawn up in accordance with the type of the accident or apply to the nearest police of gendarmerie station for the accident, theft and breath test report without moving the car and provide information to our Call Center via 444 01 34 operational for 24/7. Otherwise the entire assurances shall be rendered null and void and all sorts of damages and losses incurred including the pecuniary and non-pecuniary losses suffered by the third parties shall be collected from the lessee. In case of break down of the vehicle or should you need any assistance, you may call our Call Center 24/7 via 444 01 34.