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Terms of Use - User Agreement

CAR RENTAL contract and the TERMS OF USE The party renting the vehicle stated on this contract “Zeplin Turizm Taşımacılık Yatırım San. ve Tic. Ltd. Şti.” The “Lessor” and the party renting the vehicle in return of the rental fee shall herein be referred to as “Lessee”. 
1- The Lessor grants the vehicle in its possession to the Lessee for a term previously determined provided that the following terms and conditions shall be satisfied. The Lessee agrees to return the vehicle on the day and at the time written in the contract, as intact and at the location of drop off. The rental term can be extended upon notifying the Lessor not less than 24 hours in advance, upon the content of the Lessor and provided that the required additional amount is to be added on the rental deposit money.
2- The Lessee hereby agrees and undertakes not to use the vehicle in the following circumstances. a. for conduct that could be charged as a crime such as a felony or misdemeanor, including the transportation of a controlled substance or contraband,
b. To tow or push other vehicles or trailers.
c. To be operated in a test, race or contest, motorsports.
d. On road closed to traffic and inappropriate roads such as unpaved roads.
e. To carry passengers more than the number of passengers determined by the traffic rules and in any case, as overloaded and to carry explosives, combustibles and inflammable substances.
f. under the influence of alcohol and controlled substances.
g. Regardless of the payment method, to carry passengers or property for hire.  
3- The driver is required to be 21 years old or above and present a driver’s license that is at least for two years during the rental process. 
4- The Lessee cannot permit the third parties to use the vehicle without the approval of the Lessor. In this case, the lessee is required to have the identity particulars, address and driver’s license information of the third party registered in the contract and ensure that the individual granted with the authorization to use the rental vehicle complies with the entire terms and conditions of this contract. Person(s) using the vehicle shall be jointly liable with the lessee even if they do not append signature on the contract.
5- The Lessee hereby verifies his/her residential address stated on this contract and undertakes to notify the lessor promptly in written on any changes and alterations on the address and otherwise, both legal and administrative notifications to be served to this address shall deem to be duly served and therefore shall not be entitled to file any objections regarding the notifications. 
6- The Lessee shall be liable and responsible to park the car locked and with the engine switched off when not driven at a safe location to ensure the compliance with the traffic rules and safety rules.  
7- The Lessee, at the time returning the car, in case of returning the car without the official documents (traffic certificate, registration license, insurance policy, license plates), shall be liable and responsible to make the payment for the rental period until the delivery of those documentation and in case of loss of those, shall make the payment of expenses associated with the issuance of the new documentation.  
8- In case that the vehicle is seized or confiscated by the public authorities for any reason whatsoever, due to the negligence of the lessee or not, the entire costs and expenses to recover the vehicle shall be paid by the lessee to the lessor fully in cash.  
9- The tickets and the damages that can occur during the towing of the vehicle by the traffic police shall be covered by the lessee and in case of retention of the vehicle by the traffic authorities, this period shall be included in the rental term.  
10- The lessor shall be granted with discharge in advance regarding any responsibility and liability for the loss of damage of any personal belongings left in the vehicle, including the expenses associated with those, after the returning of the car by the lessee to the lessor.  
11- The Lessee, as it is not the manufacturer of the vehicle, cannot be held liable and responsible for any accident, death and disability sustained due to any failure of the mechanical and manufacturing defects of the vehicle and spare parts.  
12- The vehicles, without the prior approval and consent of the Lessor, cannot be taken outside of Turkey.  
13- The Lessee, by no means, is entitled to transfer, assign and pawn his/her contractual rights and equipment and devices of any part of the vehicle. The Lessee cannot use those in a manner that can cause harm to the Lessor.  
14- In any case, the lessee and the lessor shall be obliged to provide each other with the necessary facilities to observe their indemnification rights against third parties and to provide power of attorney to each other and to assign the rights of the lawsuit in proportion to their rights and the litigation costs and expenses shall be covered pro rata.  
15- The lessee hereby consents in advance that his/her personal information stated in the rental contract shall be retained in the personal file of the lessor and in the case of breach of the contract such as failure of payment of the rental fee on time and failure to return the vehicle on time, his/her name shall be written on the warning list.  
16- The Lessor, in case of failure of the lessee to comply with any terms and conditions stated herein, without any requirement for applying penal remedies, establishing any precautions or provisional injunction, may take the vehicle back and may record the rental fee given in advance as income.  
17- The Lessor is entitled with the right to terminate the contract at any time, without any justification and without any requirement for the payment of indemnification and may refrain from renewing it.  
18- Fuel costs shall be covered by the lessee.  
19- MAINTENANCE: The Lessee, during the rental term, shall be responsible to check the lubricant, cooling water and the tire pressure of the vehicle. The Lessee: shall, during the rental term, apply to the nearest office of the lessor for the performance of the periodical maintenance, lubricant change and similar works free of charge. In case where this is not feasible, the lessee shall have the maintenance of the vehicle performed at an authorized service and the associated expenses shall be reimbursed upon the submission of the relevant invoice to be issued in the name of the Lessor.  
20- REPAIRS: The repairs performed, expenses for the spare parts and tire change due to normal use and wearing shall be covered by the lessor. Except the normal use of the vehicle, the costs and expenses associated with the repairs, spare parts and tires as a result of negligent and wrongful use of the vehicle (such as driving with lack of lubricants, cooling water, tire puncture) and the handling and transport expenses incurred to bring the vehicle to the pick up location in the event of immobility of the vehicle calculated over the valid tariff and the fees for the period of non-operational state of the vehicle covered by the lessee. Emergency repairs that can be required in emergency situations shall be performed upon notifying and approval of Zeplin Rent A Car, the associated expenses and costs shall be reimbursed to the lessee upon submission of the relevant invoice.  
21- Unless otherwise agreed in written by the parties, any addition or amendment on these terms and conditions shall be null and void. 
22- Disputes to be arisen between the Lessor and the Lessee shall be resolved before the Istanbul Courts and Enforcement Offices and in accordance with the Laws of Republic of Turkey.  
23- PAYMENT: The Lessee: Shall make the payments of the rental fee indicated on the applicable rate tariff, relevant tax and other expenses by the credit card on the online payment system. Security deposit shall be charged on the approximate rental fee based on the applicable rate tariff at the time of the conclusion of the rental contract. This security deposit is liquidated based on the final calculation outcome to be determined at the end of the rental term. The Lessee is not entitled to deduct the security deposit from the debts to be accrued upon this contract. Payments shall be done fully in cash. In case of delays in payment of the rental fee, agrees and undertakes to pay the default interest applied on annual time deposits to be calculated over the amount not paid. Daily rental fee shall be calculated over 24 hours, weekly and monthly rental fees shall be calculated over 7 days and 30 days respectively. Delays exceeding 3 hours shall be considered as an entire day.  
24- The Lessee is required to provide the details of a valid credit card owned to the Lessor during the vehicle pick up. The Lessee hereby agrees, states and undertakes that all sorts of traffic tickets, parking tickets, toll road collection fines, pecuniary damages and deficiencies that can occur on the vehicle during the rental term shall be charged from this credit card. 

A) The vehicles rented are insured by Compulsory Financial Liability Insurance within the legal limits of the legal policy before the third parties suffering damages in accordance with the Road Traffic Legislation. The Lessee shall bear the liability that can occur due to the accidents inflicting damages to the third parties in the amount to be received from the insurance company provided to be remained within the coverage limits of the Compulsory Financial Liability Insurance for each vehicle. The Lessee shall bear the non-pecuniary indemnification claims of the individuals and relatives suffering the accident with the liability exceeding these limits, provided to be remained within the limits of the coverage, in the amount to be received from the insurance company. The non-pecuniary indemnification claims of the individuals and relatives suffering the accident with the liability exceeding these limits shall be covered by the lessee and the lessor shall reserve the right of recourse against the lessee.

 B) The Lessee shall be held liable and responsible for the damages and losses to be sustained as a result of the functioning of the car or all sorts of accidents, for the transport expenses to bring the vehicle to the pick up location and the time elapsed during the repair process unconditionally without objections.

 C) However: The lessee, agreeing to pay the deductible damage determined at the start of the rental process, shall be released from this responsibilities in case of fulfillment of the following terms and conditions.
a- The Lessee or the authorized driver, if not suffering from an impending condition determined by medical report, shall take the required security measures at the scene, not intervene with the damaged vehicle by any means, identify the names and addresses of the relevant person(s) and witnesses and notify the lessor and the public authorities.
b- As the responsibility and discretionary power lies within the public authorities, the lessee shall only describe how the accident has happened in his/her testimony and shall not admit the guilt and responsibility.  
c- The Lessee shall deliver the Traffic Accident Report, breath test issued by the nearest public authorities (Traffic Police or Gendarmerie), names and addresses of the witnesses to the Lessor within no later than 48 hours.   
d- In case of theft, the lessee shall notify the nearest police or gendarmerie post and the lessor.

1- Circumstances where no accident and breathe test are available  
2- In case the accident occurred while the vehicle is under the command of a driver not stated on the contract  
3- Circumstances where the driver is under the influence of alcohol or drugs at the time of the accident
4- In case where the driver does not hold a valid driver’s license 
5- Accidents due to traffic infringement and excessive speeding
6- Circumstances where the driver is hundred percent negligent
7- Accidents and damages occur not within the term stated on the contract
 8- Accidents and damages occur during towing, pushing of another vehicle or stationary or non-stationary objects or carrying such objects,
 9- Accidents and damages occur during the use of the vehicle in race, speed tests, rally, motorsports or on roads closed to traffic and inappropriate roads such as unpaved roads.
10- Accidents and damages occur during carrying passengers more than the number of passengers determined by the traffic rules and in any case, as overloaded and explosives, combustibles and inflammable substances 
11- Burns resulting from cigarette and other inflammable substances without flaming fire.
12- Burns and stains on the upholstery of the vehicle
13- Tire fissuring that can occur due to faulty driving is out of coverage and the lessee shall entirely be held liable and responsible for the damages that can occur in such circumstances.  
14- The Lessor shall be entitled with the right of recourse against the lessee for the damages and indemnification for the non-performance of the vehicle that the lessor fails to collect partially or entirely from the insurance coverage due to all sorts of actions and negligence that cannot be attributed to the lessor. 

1- In case of cancellation of the rentals realized with the credit card on the website www.zeplincar.com by calling the call center 444 01 34 24 hours prior to the rental time, cash refunds shall be deposited on the credit card of payment within no later than two (2) weeks.