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About Us

Zeplin Car Rental established in 2001 in Antalya by Hakan Sevim, statted to operate with 15 vehicles, is now ‘’Turkey’s Car Rental Enterprise’’ offering specialized and high-quality services to corporations and personnel thereof with around 25,000 vehicles at 82 locations in Turkey, pioneering the sector with its innovative solutions, directly contributing to the country’s economy with 100% Turkish capital and the employment opportunities, specialized in daily and short-term car rentals with an average 2,000 car rentals on a daily basis.


Our project ‘’Zeplin Corporate Membership System’’ making a world of difference was realized in 2005, ensuring provision of full-featured services in short-term car rentals to organizations and enterprises. Thanks to this system, diversity and rich variety of distinguished and privileged services, service quality, extensive car fleet, high level of customer satisfaction has brought sector leadership to our corporation in daily and short-term car rentals. Our aim is to preserve our justified accomplishments and success along with the customer satisfaction by continuously emphasizing on our innovative endeavors and customer-oriented approach.


Our ‘’Zeplin Car Auto-Wash and Express Service’’ stations, also a first and unique in the sector, were successfully put into service to offer the best service with the most affordable rates within the scope of our projects of effective solutions. Thanks to the project, our vehicles are processed through cleaning, anti-bacterial cleaning, inspection and express service stages directly at our own service stations and therefore we are offering accurate and complete services to our customers with competitive rates and express service advantages.


We are closely following the developments in our country and in the entire world related to car rental. Our research and endeavors continue without losing pace to sustain our trademark we created with pride as ‘’Turkey’s Car Rental’’ enterprise through our innovative and competitive projects, objective of continuous development to represent our country abroad in the near future.