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Confidentiality Agreement

Confidentiality Agreement

 The personal information acquired through this website is solely used within the scope of the reservation. No subscription is required for the individuals purchasing services on the website. 

The credit card details provided by you during the online car rental purchases on the website are not recorded in any way whatsoever. These details are only used through the bank for the realization of the provision process at the time of the sales.

 We reserve the right to use the contact information of the individuals notifying their e-mail addresses on the mailing groups and granting their authorization during the reservation process for the performance of all sorts of promotional campaigns. 

Apart from these, contact information of individuals is not utilized for any purposes whatsoever.

 Our customers who have previously granted their authorization to use their contact details for promotional and publicity purposes and intend to renounce may notify their intentions on res@zeplincar.com.

The corporate members with website membership may review and update this information if and when required.

 You may access to all sorts of assistance and information regarding the confidentiality and online sales via 444 01 34 or res@zeplincar.com.