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Monthly Clio Car Rental

Monthly Clio Car Rental




  • Our rates are corporate rates. Not applicable for individual rentals.
  • For your individual monthly or long term rental requests you may fill in “Individual Monthly Rental Request Form”and get a quote
  • VAT is not included in our rates.
  • Our vehicles are insured by rental insurance policy..
  • Mini Damage Insurance is included in our rates. Only statement is required for damages up to 750 TL.
  • Optional Financial Liability Insurance is included in our rates.
  • In case of maintenance and accidents exceeding 24 hours hours, replacement vehicle shall be provided upon the deliverance of relevant reports in full to us.
  • There is a monthly use limit of 3,000 km. In case of limit excess, the following fees shall be charged separately at the end of rental period;

0.40 TL/km + VAT for Group C and F vehicles,

0.50 TL/km + VAT for Group T and J vehicles,

0.70 TL/km + VAT for Group M and O vehicles,

  • The entire fees and charges along with the default interests and accessory fines accrued within the vehicle rental period for fuel, bridges, highway tolls, traffic tickets, parking, etc. shall be covered by the lessee.
  • Fee for the winter tires are not included within our rates.
  • The payment term for your monthly rentals are 7 days upon the invoice date.